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MagnetKing™ has over 10,000 happy customers around the world - we guarantee you will be happy too.

✨The Most Purchased Car Magnet Of 2019 ✨

Say goodbye to old, clunky and bulky windshield mounts...

No more being completely distracted by your phone falling off your dashboard...

No more 'clip-on' phone mounts that are annoying and just plain ugly...

No more huge and oversized windshield mounts that block your visibility while you're driving...

No more leaving your phone in your cup holder or on your knees...

No more faulty suction mounts which don't work if it's too hot or too cold...

Works Great With All Phone Models 

Choose from 4 beautiful colors to match your phone from gold or rose gold... to black or red.

Each MagnetKing™ Premium Car Magnet comes with 2 magnetic stickers included (no need to buy separately) which you can easily stick on your phone or on your case.

Then just set your phone on your MagnetKing™ and you're good to go!

The sturdy and adjustable vent clips work with all cars, great if you're always traveling and spending a lot of time driving in rental cars.

Upgrade your driving experience with the best and most loved luxury car magnet in the world.

With a stunning, sleek and aesthetic design which perfectly holds your phone while you're driving...

Grab one today before your friends because as soon as they see you with one, they'll want one too! 

Why The MagnetKing™?

With UltraSnap™ patent-pending technology - you can effortlessly attach your phone with one hand in less than half a second.

And the beautiful, rotating display of ClearView™ allows you to rotate your phone 360 degrees and holds your phone perfectly while you're on the go.

All while looking aesthetic and sleek in your car.

Plus, powerful SteelGrip™ technology keeps your phone solidly locked on the magnet even when going over huge bumps, potholes or while cruising around sharp turns.

Are you ready to own the #1 luxury car mount and join one of our many customers that are happily using theirs right now?

We used advanced German Engineering in the development of the MagnetKing™ to make sure our strong magnets do not damage your phone or affect your cell service in any way. 

You will also NEVER get distracted on the road while using your MagnetKing™because you can view Maps, Spotify, or answer calls while driving without taking your phone off...

Easily clips onto your car vents using versatile clips made from non-scratch silicone material.

🎁Will Make The Ideal Gift For Your Friends and Family... 🎁

Why not order one for your partner, friends or family today?

IMPORTANT: Old Windshield Car Mounts Are Now ILLEGAL In Over 28 States...

Avoid tickets and fines with your MagnetKing™ Wireless Charging Car Magnet.

It's completely road-safe and approved, and you can operate it with a single finger tap. 


30 Day Money Back Guarantee & 365 Day Warranty 

If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase you can return it for a full refund within 30 days AFTER you have received your order.  

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